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10 Retention Systems Top Schools Use

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About Course

About the Instructor

Master Toby Milroy is a 5th Degree Black Belt, the CEO and Publisher of Martial Arts World News Magazine, and the Executive Vice President for AMS. In addition to building a successful multi school organization, Master Milroy has positively influenced more martial arts schools than virtually anyone in our industry.

Course – Top 10 Retention Systems

This course will show you the 10 best retention systems to use for your school:

Unit 1 – School Culture

The first unit discusses about the charisma and community of a school.

Unit 2 – Communication (s)

This unit explain about the engagement with your students

Unit 3 – Family Add Ons

This unit explains about the value of promoting to family and bring them on board

Unit 4 – Contract/Membership Systems

This unit explains the important of having a Solid Enrollment system

Unit 5 – Attendance Tracking and Follow Up

This unit talks about the important of showing attention to your students and following up

Unit 6 – Upgrades

This unit talks retaining your student by upgrading them to higher programs

Unit 7 – Modern Curriculum Management

This unit explains how to manage your curriculum to keep your to student engaging

Unit 8 – Robust Event Schedule

This unit talks about having a robust schedule for both martial arts and non martial arts events

Unit 9 – Modern Class Management Skills

This unit talks about the important having a class plan

Unit 10 – Leadership Team

This unit talks about the benefit of having a leadership team

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Course Content

Top 10 Retention Systems
In this course Master Toby Milroy will show you the 10 best retention systems to use for your school.

  • Leadership Team
  • Leadership Team Unit Test
  • School Culture
  • School Culture Unit Test
  • Communication(s)
  • Communication Unit Test
  • Family Add Ons
  • Family Add Ons Unit Test
  • Contract/Membership Systems
  • Contract Membership Unit Test
  • Attendance Tracking and Follow Up
  • Attendance Tracking and Follow Up Unit Test
  • Upgrades
  • Upgrades Unit Test
  • Curriculum Management
  • Curriculum Management Unit Test
  • Robust Event Schedule
  • Robust Events Unit Test
  • Modern Class Management Skills