10 Retention Systems Top Schools Use

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About the Instructor

Master Toby Milroy is a 5th Degree Black Belt, the CEO and Publisher of Martial Arts World News Magazine, and the Executive Vice President for AMS. In addition to building a successful multi school organization, Master Milroy has positively influenced more martial arts schools than virtually anyone in our industry.

Course – Top 10 Retention Systems

This course will show you the 10 best retention systems to use for your school:

Unit 1 – School Culture

The first unit discusses about the charisma and community of a school.

Unit 2 – Communication (s)

This unit explain about the engagement with your students

Unit 3 – Family Add Ons

This unit explains about the value of promoting to family and bring them on board

Unit 4 – Contract/Membership Systems

This unit explains the important of having a Solid Enrollment system

Unit 5 – Attendance Tracking and Follow Up

This unit talks about the important of showing attention to your students and following up

Unit 6 – Upgrades

This unit talks retaining your student by upgrading them to higher programs

Unit 7 – Modern Curriculum Management

This unit explains how to manage your curriculum to keep your to student engaging

Unit 8 – Robust Event Schedule

This unit talks about having a robust schedule for both martial arts and non martial arts events

Unit 9 – Modern Class Management Skills

This unit talks about the important having a class plan

Unit 10 – Leadership Team

This unit talks about the benefit of having a leadership team

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Top 10 Retention Systems?

In this course Master Toby Milroy will show you the 10 best retention systems to use for your school.
Leadership Team00:4:36
Leadership Team Unit Test
School Culture00:16:42
School Culture Unit Test
Communication Unit Test
Family Add Ons00:1:15
Family Add Ons Unit Test
Contract/Membership Systems00:9:30
Contract Membership Unit Test
Attendance Tracking and Follow Up00:2:49
Attendance Tracking and Follow Up Unit Test
Upgrades Unit Test
Curriculum Management00:3:21
Curriculum Management Unit Test
Robust Event Schedule00:1:30
Robust Events Unit Test
Modern Class Management Skills00:1:12
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