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Improving the Standards of Martial Arts Schools

Categories: Business Management
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About Course

About the Instructor

An-Shu Stephen Hayes has authored 20 books, worked as a body guard for the Dali Lama, supervised over 30 school locations worldwide, and was named “A legend; one of the 10 most influential living martial artists in the world” by Black Belt Magazine.

Course – Improving the Standards of Martial Arts Schools

This course will challenge the student to consider the importance of raising the bar of standards in martial arts business. It explains the basic areas to bring up for establishing new standards on a higher level in your martial arts school for the most impact. Here is the content for the course:

Section 1 – Course and Lesson Preparation

The first section brings to the forefront the Importance of Preparation for providing the best courses and lessons for students.

Section 2 – Changing the Poverty Mentality

This section expresses the need to Put Aside the Poverty Mindset that prevails and prevents school owners from Financial Success.

Section 3 – Raising the Standards of Your Martial Arts School

This segment explains why All Areas of Your School can be elevated by raising the bar on the standards for your school.

Section 4 – Building a School Culture

This segment deals with Establishing the Environment you want to be emphasized to have an exceptional martial arts culture.

Section 5 – Creating an Engaging Curriculum

This segment shows how to have a Dynamic School Curriculum that is engaging and keeps students coming back for more.

Section 6 – Transmitting Your Curriculum to Your Students

Finally, this last section explains Great Teaching Strategies to pass along your life changing curriculum to more of your students.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will gain insight into what it takes to elevate the standards of your school for greater impact on your students' lives

Course Content

Improving the Standards of Martial Arts Schools

  • Course And Lesson Preparation
  • Changing The Proverty Mentality
  • Raising The Standards of Your Martial Arts School
  • Building a School Culture
  • Creating an Engaging Curriculum
  • Transmitting Your Curriculum to Your Students