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Philosophy & Education In The Martial Arts

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About Course

About the Instructor

Dr. Stephen Jackowicz took East Asian Studies at Harvard University, in Korea he studied East Asian medicine and is the first foreign student to graduate from the Korea Modern School of Acupuncture. He has also had many articles published on subjects for East Asian Medicine, History, and Martial Arts.  Dr. Jackowicz possesses an M.AC., LAc., and a Ph.D and currently is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Acupuncture, Program Chair, DTCM, Acupuncture Institute at the University of Bridgeport.

Philosophy and Education in The Martial Arts

In this course Dr. Jackowicz talks to us about the philosophy of martial arts and how we could apply it to our schools and martial arts businesses. The Course will be broken down as follows:

1st Topic – Western and Eastern Philosophy: The Connection to Martial Arts

The beginning of this course will introduce the student to concepts and ideas from western and eastern philosophy. It presents how the philosophies, both separately as well as blended, have influenced the martial arts.

2nd Topic – Body As The Mind

This segment covers the philosophical concept of the body and mind connection and the sense of there being a oneness and the impact that has on martial artist, training, and instruction.

3rd Topic – Solid Base Martial Arts Business Principles

The final topic for the course ties everything together previously covered to develop a great foundation for operating a martial arts school upon principles that are proven to have a high performance outcome in business.


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What Will You Learn?

  • The student will gain a broader understanding of eastern and western philosophy and the impact on education in the martial arts.

Course Content

1st Topic – Intro to Western and Eastern Philosophy
An Introduction to history of Western and Eastern philosophy and how they connect to Martial Arts and today Martial Arts Business.

  • Western and Eastern Philosophy: The Connection to Martial Arts
  • Here is the FIRST Quiz on Topic #1

2nd Topic – Mind As Body
Understanding the Philosophy, Body As Mind to educate the important of healthy body, healthy mind and bringing more students into your school.

3rd Topic – Solid Base, Upright Principles and Dynamic Interaction
Here how to apply the Solid Base, Upright Principles and Dynamic Interaction martial arts philosophy to your school and retain students.