The 3 Secrets to Create the School of Your Dreams

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About the Instructor

Grandmaster Y.K. Kim is the most successful martial arts business leader in the US, having written over 30 books on martial arts, business, leadership, and success. He has won numerous public service awards and is the founder of the leading martial arts marketing and management company in the US.

Course – The 3 Secrets to Create the School of Your Dreams

This course covers what it takes to have the kind of school you have always dreamed of owning. It explains the nuts and bolts of bringing to fruition the dream school with some basic principles for realizing business success. Here is the content for the course:

Segment 1 – Introduction

This initial segment will Rev Up Your Motivation and Commitment to empower you in your efforts to have your dream school.

Segment 2 – Promotion and Advertising

This segment shares the what and how for Effective Promotion and Advertising necessary to make your school soar to new heights.

Segment 3 – Online Marketing

This segment explains some Proven Tactics for Social Marketing that produce huge amounts of monthly leads for your school.

Segment 4 – The Value of the Martial Arts

This segment is designed to show The Great Worth of Martial Arts has for your community and your place of importance in it.

Segment 5 – Philosophy for Success

This segment will instill a Philosophy for Success in you to Bolster Your Indomitable Spirit for achieving your school goals.

Segment 6 – Adding Even More Value

Finally, this last segment will show Additional Ways to make your school have even Greater Value in your community.


What Will I Learn?

  • Gain the motivation and the tools to produce the school you have always dreamed of having.

Topics for this course

6 Lessons01h 23m 15s

The 3 Keys to Create the School of Your Dreams

Promotion and Advertising00:20:45
Online Marketing00:21:00
The Value of the Martial Arts00:14:11
Philosophy for Success00:11:37
Adding Even More Value00:07:19

About the instructor

Y.K. Kim is a modern educator and a contemporary philosopher. He is the chairman and founder of Martial Arts World: The home of life champions. There is no one quite like Y.K. Kim. People call him crazy or a genius. He is proud that people call him these things because he works like crazy to transform our society one life at a time.
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